1997 Jaguar XK8 Convertible



Thank you for all your help over the years maintaining my 1997 Jaguar XK8 convertible. A few years ago you asked me to start using Tech Shine as part of my weekly car maintenance program. You told me it would really help to keep my car looking its best between detailing. I have to say the product is amazing! It's easy to use and really produces a great luster to the finish. As you know I have a black car and so it's more likely to show dirt, dust and spots. Because of the smooth glossy finish created by Tech Shine, water beads off and dust and dirt is less likely to stick to the surface between washings. I spend exactly twenty-five minutes once a week keeping the car clean; ten minutes washing, five minutes applying Tech Shine and ten minutes drying. It couldn't be easier and simple.

However, I think the best testimonial to Tech Shine comes from the number of random compliments I get regarding how great my car looks. People don't believe it is an eleven year old vehicle. Honestly, I usually have at least one person say something positive about my car and its good looks on a weekly basis. Last week it was the man in the crosswalk giving me the thumbs up; the week before a man in a car behind me called out at a stop light to say that he thought my car was absolutely beautiful. The best though, was about six months ago, from the man who made a u turn in the street and followed me to Safeway and offered to buy my car on the spot because he thought it was so beautiful. In large part I believe the accolades are due to my car's beautiful sleek shiny finish, its immediate curb appeal, its Tech Shine.

Thank you for introducing me to such a great car care product.

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Red Corvette finished with Show Polish



Red Corvette finished with Show Polish. Sent by Jason Neidigh of IdahoDetailing.com

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To all the car nuts -

Here is a big thumbs up to Tech Shine for their amazing product that keeps my Interlagos Blue M3 looking flawless. Parked on the street Monday through Friday, the car endures the worst of San Francisco weather...rain, misty fog and dust. However, a quick wash followed by Tech Shine brings the paint back to its vibrant color and glass-smooth finish that feels like a new iPod screen to the touch). This incredible smoothness helps the paint stay cleaner longer as elements seem to just not stick to it. All in all, the process is the next best thing to keeping the car hidden in a garage.

-Igor Muravyov

Vice President

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Toyota Prius


"I've been washing and waxing the family cars, and later, my own cars since I was old enough to hold a hose steady. The way my car looks has always been important to me. Through the years I've done my homework and sought to use whatever the latest and greatest car waxes were to achieve the finest wax finish money could by. That said, the finest and easiest product I've EVER used is yours. Tech Shine is amazing! So easy to use. Goes on and wipes up with so little effort. No buffing or excessive rubbing necessary. This may sound cliche', but now I would ONLY use Tech Shine on my cars. Thanks for all the years of work to create and perfect this phenomenal product."

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