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Just used today Tech Shine for the first time on my 2007 Acura TL Type-S. All I have to say is WOW, I have never encountered such a high quality product that applies so effortlessly and just rinses off. My car now looks better than when I purchased it off the showroom floor back in 2007. Within hours of finishing the car I received stares at the local supermarket and 2 different people came up to me to ask what I did to my car. The car now has a deep mirror like finish that pictures can not do justice, I dare say it has never looked this way even with a $200 detail. I would like to share the steps I took before I applied the Tech Shine.

1. Double washed with 2 bucket method using grit guards and new microfiber mitt and then rinsed.

2. Clayed entire vehicle including windows, headlights and tail lights using an ultimate detail spray as lubricant.

3. Applied my favorite polish using DA polisher to remove all minor swirls.

4. Washed for 3rd time using 2 bucket method and rinsed.

5. While still wet from rinse applied Techshine sparingly with included incredible sponge.

6. Rinsed off Techshine with water and then dried with a new super absorbent Chamois.

Many thanks to Jim for taking the time to talk to me about his product and share some of his detailing secrets. Truly a gentleman and a scholar, I wish you well. My next Techshine project will be for my new 2018 KIA Stinger GT2 that I purchased a couple of nights ago and is sitting in my garage waiting to be lavished with this product. I will post that review with a picture soon.

-Jose Flores

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