Lexus Paint Looks Like New With Coating of Aerolon Tech Shine



"I've been a faithful Zaino user on multiple cars (a Ford Expedition and a Lexus RX400h) for over seven years. I was THAT guy who would have friends over for a 'Zaino Party'. We'd apply coats of Zaino onto each car in a staggered fashion so we could remove a coat on one car while another was drying. My typical treatment would include a coat of Z-5 (w/ZFX), then Z6, then Z2 (w/ZFX), then Z6, then a final coat of Z2 (w/ZFX), and then a final spray of Z6. After every wash I would use Z6 to bring back the shine. I drive to Tahoe every single weekend in the winter, so this caused me to perform this whole process twice a year. It took me about five hours with the Expedition, three with the Lexus.

Now, since being introduced to Tech Shine, things have changed. My vehicle stays shinier longer, and it repels dirt for a much longer period of time. For example, my average Tahoe drive used to totally coat my car after one trip with Zaino. With Tech Shine, it takes several. On top of that, if I take the car (by mistake) to an automatic or poor wash facility, my car appears to retain less scratching with Tech Shine (the dirt just doesn't seem to stick as much). With Zaino, after two to three post-Tahoe washes, I started to see some serious imperfections (hence why I used Z6 after each wash to keep up).

But enough with all of that! One wash with Tech Shine and it looks like I spent hours waxing, the shine and comes right back to a perfect finish - high gloss - no swirls even after collecting a MONTH worth of Tahoe cement. You just wash, spend five minutes applying Tech Shine, and done. Enough said. Sorry Zaino Bros."

-Dean Bosche

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1975 Fixed Head Rolls Royce Corniche



I own a few vintage cars, each of which i drive regularly. Blue 1975 Fixed Head Rolls Royce Corniche, White 1970 Series 1 Lamborghini Espada, Orange 1973 Series 3 Lamborghini Espada.

The cars are washed with the recommended swirl-free foam sponge and Tech Shine is applied. Takes a mere 5 extra minutes and applied while the cars are still wet.

The Tech Shine result is like a mirror. Super easy and provides a truly amazing finish. Nothing compares to Tech Shine.

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Mercedes E320



My ten-year-old Mercedes E320 lives in the driveway, exposed to the sun and city elements and has never looked better. It still gleams the same elegant dark blue. I attribute this to Tech Shine. Dirt does not stick to the car as easily which reduces my washings almost in half, though I still detail the car once a year. I also use it on my garaged black Mercedes SL 500 that is even older. Both cars look and feel showroom-new.

You have to try it yourself. You will not be able to resist sliding your finger across the car's finish. It just feels great. Oh, and the water just beads off the windshield in a rainstorm. Sometimes after a heavy rainstorm, the car looks as though someone just washed it for me, go figure. Excellent product. Great gift for your brother-in-law! No kidding, great stuff. Warning: It might be addicting.

Thank you for a marvelous product!

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Morgan cars


Tech Shine enhances and protects the beautiful hand built finishes of Morgan cars faster and better than all the products we've used before.

- Bill Fink

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1963 Jaguar Mark X



"Sunday June 22, 2008 I entered my 1963 Jaguar Mark X the Palo Alto Concours d' Elegance in the class for Passenger & Touring Cars 1956 Thru 1982 Under $7,000 New. I took first place in the class.

Before the class awards, a small group of cars are selected to receive trophies. To my amazement, my car was selected to receive the Meguire's Trophy for Best Exterior Finish. The outstanding buffing and detail work completed by you and your shop was a great contribution in winning this award. "

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