Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Tech Shine or Show Polish? Which one do I use first?

A: Use Show Polish first if you need to increase gloss, remove light oxidation, minor car wash scratches or water spots.

Show Polish also establishes a durable basecoat protectant.

If you’re finish already looks good then simply wash and Tech Shine for great gloss and durability in just a few minutes. Each time you wash and reapply Tech Shine it will keep adding durability which will allow you to avoid the hard work of applying waxes or sealants moving forward.

There is no need to apply Tech Shine immediately after applying Show Polish. Use Tech Shine the next time you wash and to regularly add quick shine and durability.

Q:  Does Tech Shine work on boats?

A: Tech Shine Works great on boats. Just keep it off deck surfaces. Matt Steele from TruckU likes using it on his boat.

Q:  I just purchased tech shine and show polish. I recently waxed my car about two weeks ago can I apply these products on the car. If I can how do I apply over the wax already there.?

A: You can use Tech Shine right over your existing wax the next time you wash your vehicle

Tech Shine FAQ

Q:  Will applying Tech Shine remove the expensive wax I currently have on my finish?

A: No, Tech Shine will not remove your wax. It will enhance and protect whatever product you currently use. 

Q:    Is it necessary to use your applicator pad to apply Tech Shine?

A: No, a wet sponge, micro fiber mitt or wet towel will do. Our pad was designed to keep the surface wet and to spread Tech Shine evenly. 

Q: I always wax my black Dodge truck after washing it. I can’t seem to keep those fine lines and cobwebs from re-appearing.  Can Tech Shine help with my obsession?

A: Yes, that’s one of the reasons we say “No more Waxing” because in just minutes after regular washes Tech Shine fills in fine swirls and cobwebs.

Q: Does Tech Shine really work on my glass to?

A: Yes, Many of our customers claim Tech Shine stays on longer and repels water much better then the leading rain repelling products.

Q: I just bought a red 1996 Honda Accord and the paint is very dull. Will Tech Shine make the paint shiny again?

A: No, your red Honda paint is oxidized and needs to be hand or machined buffed and polished to restore the finish.  Tech Shine will maintain your restored finish better than the best car wax.