1969 Buick GS400 and 1987 Chevy V10

I searched and searched to find ANY review of your Tech Shine on older cars/trucks with not-so-great paint. I found none. So, I took a chance since you have so many great ratings in general and the results were GREAT!!! The shine on the old paint is as good as you advertise on new modern paints. I waxed the Chevy last week with an EXPENSIVE car wax and it rained the next day. The rain still wouldn't bead up on the finish. I used your Tech Shine and after one application the water was rolling off immediately! I applied Tech Shine two more times and the results were the same. One application was all that was needed!
I couldn't be any happier with your product! THANKS!


I just left a 5-star review about your Tech Shine on my '69 Buick GS400 and my '87 Chevy Truck. I neglected to mention that I used the Tech Shine on the tonneau cover on the truck and it works great! You need to advertise more for older muscle cars (with old paint) and include the fact that it can be used on soft items like the tonneau cover. Before, I couldn't keep the cover clean. Now, it's easy!
Thanks again!

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