Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Tech Shine vs. Show Polish and which one to use first!

A:  Show Polish is a final finishing all-in-one polish and paint sealant. It will remove minor car washing scratches, light oxidation, water stains etc. and leave a durable base coat of protection which will last on average 6 to 8 months of consecutive carwashes. Tech Shine can be used as a standalone all exterior surface shine and Shield product. It does not contain any polishing ingredients like Show Polish for the removal of light oxidation car wash scratches or water spots. I recommend washing then coating your vehicle with Tech Shine first, because it only takes a few minutes to see how well it works on your particular finish. If you decide your finish needs Show Polish there is no need to Tech Shine right after. Both products provide UV inhibitors. Start using Tech Shine to keep adding gloss and durability to all exterior surfaces in less then ten minutes during routine washes.

Use Show Polish first if you need to increase gloss, remove light oxidation, minor car wash scratches or water spots. Show Polish also establishes a durable basecoat protectant. If you’re finish already looks good then simply wash and Tech Shine for great gloss and durability in just a few minutes. Each time you wash and re-apply Tech Shine it will keep adding durability which will allow you to avoid the hard work of applying waxes or sealants moving forward. There is no need to apply Tech Shine immediately after applying Show Polish. Use Tech Shine the next time you wash and to regularly add quick shine and durability. One application of Tech Shine will last at least five months. Please feel free to call me with any application questions.

Show Polish can be applied as your Base coat paint sealant. If you are not into washing your vehicle then try to apply Show Polish two times a year to be on the safe side. Tech Shine the next time your vehicle needs a wash which will keep adding Shine and repellancy to all exterior surfaces. You can also start applying Tech Shine and get great results and durability without using Show Polish. Please feel free to call me with any detailing questions.

Q:  What kind of uv protection will i get with tech shine?

A:  Tech Shine provides better sacrificial UV protection then waxes and sealants because of the ease of use which allows people to use it more often and layer coats.

Q:  Is Tech Shine recommended to be used on Fiberglass RV's?

A:  Tech Shine Well coat all exterior surfaces safely during an easy wet application process. Never any white residue. Once you’ve applied to all exterior surfaces thoroughly rinse to activate the formula then dry. Make sure the surfaces you’re applying it to are not in need of extensive oxidation removal or the product is not going to give optimum results. Another words polish anything that needs it first then use Tech Shine afterwards to maintain a high gloss durable finish on all exterior surfaces. Please feel free to call with any application questions.

Q:  Is Tech Shine safe to use on textured black plastic such as found on Goldwing motorcycles? Is Tech Shine safe to use on motorcycle windshields?

A:  Tech Shine will not hurt a convertible top but it will not add any more durability then the factory canvas water proofing. For acrylic and plexiglass Show Polish will safely polish micro scratches and leave a durable rain repellant base coat. Tech Shine will keep windscreens very slick great water repellency and easier bug removal by it self or over the top of Show Polish for regular easy maintenance.

Tech Shine is safe on all exterior materials. Works great on textured plastic, Matt finishes decals etc. It will give texture or matte finish is a nice satin finish. The product will not hurt but you should not apply it to vinyl or leather seats or saddlebags.

Q:  How well does it work with TST coating?

A:  You can apply Tech Shine to all exterior surfaces. It will enhance the look of powder coatings. It leaves an ultra thin film which will sacrifice itself to extreme heat without discoloring the surface. Tech Shine is an easy fast multi- surface shine and shield maintenance coating.

Q:  I just purchased tech shine and I was wondering how long it takes if any to cure ? I understand the process to apply, but can you drive it right away ?

A:  You can apply Tech Shine dry and go. Try to avoid rewashing for 12 hours which rarely would be necessary.

Q:  Does Aerolon have silicone included in its formula?

A:  Tech Shine is safe and will put a nice satin finish on the black stripe. Both our products are body shop safe and do not contain any harmful silicones.

Q:  Will this product work on fiberglass RV's? If so, how often does it need to be reapplied?

A:  Tech Shine will coat all exterior RV Surfaces quickly and safely. If you Wash the RV 2 to 3 times a year you might consider reapplying each time. You be the judge when you see how much water beading you have when final rinsing after washing. Some of our customers reapply frequently on leading surfaces prior to road trip’s for bug repellency.

Q:  Can I use a blower to dry my vehicle instead of a towel?

A:  Using a blower to dry your vehicle is perfectly fine. Use our applicator or a damp microfiber towel to rub out any streaks and drips.

Q:  Will this product be safe to use on chrome wheels? Is it safe for chrome with clear coat? Hoping to alleviate the brake dust problem?

A:  Both our products are safe for chrome and clear coated chrome. I would try rubbing Tech Shine on your wheels and letting it dry. Then wipe off with a slightly damp Micro fiber towel. The idea is to get more coating on the wheels. Not sure how long it will last because of the heat and corrosive brake dust.

Q:  1) I read on your site the show polish can be used on plastic. Does this include the black plastic cowling at the base of the windshield where the wipers are attached? 2) I have a multi speed orbital waxing buffer, not the regular DA Porter Cable type. Would using this over hand applying produce enough differences in looks to make it worth using with the buffer? 3) How many coats of the show polish does it take to reach the point where any more coats does not really yield any better results? 4) If using the show polish by hand, instead of the included pad would a specific hand applicator that is made out of regular buffing pad material be better? - I have seen the orange correcting hand pad and the white polishing & black finishing hand pads as well. 5) This is regarding the Tech Shine product - would using it with hard water present any problems. The area I live in has hard water that is more mineral than iron. ?

A:  1. Do not apply show polish to the black textured cowl plastic. Like most polishes, waxes, and sealants that have some abrasive Show Polish will leave a white residue on those materials. 2. You will get more removal of light surface imperfections if you use polishing equipment. 3. Three at the most. If you start using tech shine, not right after, but the next time you go to wash the same vehicle you will add gloss and a renewal of protection to all exterior surfaces without the work of reapplying show polish. 4. Try a small area with each pad, and see which one gives the best results. I like the pads that you mentioned. 5. Tech Shine will help minimize hard water spotting but be careful and try a section first. Please feel free to call me directly with any application questions. I hope this helps.

Q:  how many applications in a 16oz bottle for large suv ?

A:  Make sure you always shake up the Tech Shine bottle before use. Fill up a small 2 ounce bottle and use that as a gauge for your application. Get our pad wet and your car wet, apply enough product to get the pad started keep adding as you go, applying and spreading to all exterior surfaces. Near the end of the application squeeze the pad and you’ll get more product to spread. you should get 6 to 8 applications or more depending on the size of the vehicle per 16 ounce bottle.

Q:  If I have factory or previously applied protection on my car will your products still work?

A:  Tech Shine Will work over the top of whatever product is currently on the car. It should help increase the gloss and increase overall beading effect. Make sure you shake up the bottle before each use it only takes a maximum of 2 ounces per application.

Q:  My black car is garage kept washed & waxed. I've been called anal!! Do I need to remove existing wax & clay bar before applying tech shine? Can I wash and dry as usual? How often do I need to reapply tech- shine? Because my car is always kept clean, will I see a significant improvement?

A:  Tech Shine is really popular with black car owners that are often referred to as obsessive. My background is over 30 years owning and operating a professional auto detailing shop. We both know, washing a black vehicle regardless of how careful, always backs off the look just a little bit. That is primarily why you’re always taking the time to wax after washing. Tech Shine will increase gloss and Durability to ALL exterior surfaces In a 5 to 10 minute easy wet application. You do not have to prep your vehicles finish. Tech Shine will bond to whatever product you have been using. Shake up the bottle before each use and try to find a small 2 ounce bottle which is all you need for most applications. You have to decide on frequency of use but conservatively, one application holds for at least five months or longer depending on exposure.

Q:  Do you have a product for boats? Also polyethylene

A:  Tech Shine Works great on boats. Just keep it off deck surfaces.

Both Show Polish and Tech Shine are compatible and safe to use on polyethylene. Show Polish will clean polish and lay down a durable base coat. For maintaining high gloss and repellancy on all exterior surfaces use Tech Shine each time you wash your boat.

Q:  Does it matter what is on car now when I use Tech Shine??

A:  There is no need to strip your existing finish and less there’s obvious roughness or oxidation to remove for better adhesion. Tech Shine can’t be applied over any existing wax polish or silent. Please feel free to call me with any application questions.

Q:  What’s the minimum air temperature I need to apply the product?

A:  If it isn’t too cold to wash your vehicles then you can apply Tech Shine as well. Remember to thoroughly rinse the vehicle and dry it. I’m glad the product is working out. You’ll see real good repellency through the winter months

Q:  How does it work on fiberglass boats?

A:  Tech Shine works great on fiberglass. Show Polish Will clean, polish, and establish a very durable base coat. If you decide to use Tech Shine it will keep establishing a repellant all exterior surface coating when applied after each wash. If you don’t feel like you need the polish then just start using Tech Shine and it should be all you need when used after washes.

Q:  Tech Shine has UV inhibitors?

A:  Tech Shine does have UV inhibitors. I would also recommend a dedicated plastic trim product like 303 protectant That would have a higher percentage of UV protection for just your trim pieces.

Q:  plastic quarter panels?

A:  Show Polish is safe for paint, metal glass. It should not be used on porous plastic panels. Tech Shine is safe for the plastic panels.

Q:  Fiberglass?

A:  Yes, Tech Shine is safe on fiberglass. Each time you wash your vehicle take a few minutes and apply Tech Shine after 2 to 3 wash/coatings You will reach maximum durability. Equal to the best sealants with the added benefit of all exterior surface protection.

Q:  Do you have a product that will restore oxidized red fiberglass color back to the original color ?

A:  Sorry, we do not have a product that is aggressive enough to remove serious oxidation. If you can remove a small area of oxidation and expose shiny red gel coat by hand rubbing with a car polish, then that is a good sign that the fiberglass it's not too far gone to restore. In most cases, this type of restoration requires more than one step of aggressive machine polishing. Show Polish will remove light oxidation and Tech Shine will be an easy way to maintain a restored Red fiberglass.

Q:  I have a 30 ft. Boat with black gel coat sides that needs oxidation removed and waxing. Can I use your products (1) Show Polish to remove the oxidation and (2) Tech Shine to polish? The boat is used in salt water but not kept overnight in water. it was last waxed a year ago. ?

A:  If the oxidation is not too severe, you'll able to hand or machine polish with Show Polish first. I recommend a two step method for oxidation removal. 1. Rub out a 1 to 2 foot area by hand or machine until you get glossy oxidation free gelcoat. 2. Once you've removed the oxidation, spread a generous coat of Show Polish on the finished area and then move on to the next section and repeat step one and step two until the hull is completed. If the micro Crystaline abrasives in show polish do not get you the desired oxidation removal then a heavier polishing compound should be used first. 3. Wipe off the dried layer of Show Polish which has now bonded to The hull and created a durable base coat. If for any reason the Show Polish becomes hard to wipe off, dampen a microfiber towel and rub it first to remove the powdery residue and then come right back with a dry microfiber to finish. Step one is not necessary on any other areas of your boat that do not need the additional oxidation removal. Now, wait until the next time you come out of the water and do your maintenance wash, then coat the whole boat with Tech Shine and rinse. Tech Shine Will help keep everything slick, shiny, and repellant indefinitely until the next time you feel the need to Show Polish.

Q:  light oxidation, minor surface scratches or water spots?

A:  If your vehicle needs polishing to remove light oxidation, minor surface scratches or water spots Then Show Polish should be used first. If you're finish already looks good Tech Shine will give it more gloss and repellency to all exterior services with just a simple 5 to 10 minute application.