Show Polish 16oz Bottle

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After years of research we have perfected a durable wet-look show winning polish that is used by auto enthusiasts and professional detailers.

Show Polish utilizes advanced aerospace microcrystalline activated polymers to safely clean, polish, and protect single stage paint, urethane clear coat, fiberglass, plexiglass, chrome, and glass.

Applying Show Polish:

Hand Application:

Thoroughly clean surface prior to polishing. If needed, use a clay bar to remove any embedded gritty particles.

Apply Show Polish by hand with a foam or microfiber applicator.

Use one micro fiber towel to remove polish residue and a second towel to finish wiping for a brilliant, wet-looking shine.

Machine Application:

Polish a small section at a time to remove swirls and scratches. Show Polish is easy to use with all types of polishing equipment.

Multiple Coats:

Allow Show Polish to cure for at least 20 minutes to form a protective, clear shield. Layering more coats adds gloss and durability.

Show Polish will never yellow, peel, or crack.

About Show Polish:

Show Polish Formula:

Show polish uses aerospace-grade resins and polymers to produce the highest possible shine and depth of color.

Why Use Show Polish:

We’ve made the world’s finest multi-surface polish— one that’s easy to apply, safe to use, and conforms to the standards and certifications set by the aviation industry. Not only does it restore older finishes to a deeper, more brilliant shine, but it also makes new paint look better than new.

Best new car paint protection:

New cars are not delivered in perfect condition. They’ll sit outdoors for weeks—even months—before being sold. “New” exterior paint is subjected to environmental pollution and multiple subpar washes.

One application of our Show Polish on brand-new paint will provide 8-12 months of oxidation, acid rain, and UV protection. This provides a sensible alternative to the highly expensive new paint protection packages offered by many dealerships.

Best Black Car Polish:

Show polish safely removes light car washing scratches from dark paints without leaving any unsightly swirls.

The Ultimate One Step Surface Renewer:

Renewing and re-sealing your car’s exterior finish has never been easier. After years of research, we have perfected a durable, glossy polish that is used by auto enthusiasts and professional detailers alike.

Our show polish utilizes aerospace-grade ingredients to safely clean, polish, and protect paint, urethane clear coats, fiberglass, plastic, chrome and glass.