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**All 16oz bottles of Tech Shine come with 1 applicator pad.** “Wet Activated” Tech Shine is a new Ceramic Polymer aerospace high gloss shield that is far better and easier to apply than the best car wax available.

The advanced “wet application” process gives your finish a perfect shine in a fraction of the time! Tech Shine is safe to use on exterior paint, glass, fiberglass, metal, plastics, and trim.

Applying Tech Shine

Step 1: Wash

If your vehicle is dirty, wash and rinse first. DO NOT DRY. Remember: avoid washing or applying Tech Shine in direct sunlight.

Step 2: Apply

Shake bottle before using. Saturate our applicator pad or micro fiber towel with water. Liberally apply Tech Shine to applicator pad.

Apply Tech Shine to your WET vehicle (just like washing) keep applying product to pad as needed. If vehicle surface starts to dry, KEEP WETTING surface until application process is completed.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

Thoroughly rinse vehicle. Dry with soft bath towel or chamois. Tech Shine will never build up or or leave any unsightly, white residue.



Tech Shine is highly specialized moisture activated cross-linking polymeric clear coat film. Our breakthrough formula reacts with wet surfaces and bonds on contact.


Tech Shine originated from the need to quickly shine and shield jets, helicopters, and high speed power boats with a slick anti-stick coating. The primary function of the product was to reduce wind drag on jets and decrease water tension on the hull of off-shore power boats.


If you're tired of spending hours waxing and want to wash your vehicle less often then, simply apply a Tech Shine coating on an entire vehicle in less than FIVE MINUTES.

Aerolon Tech Shine’s water-based polymers takes less than five minutes to apply during the final rinsing process. Less then 2 ounces coats completely, a medium-size automobile with an invisible protective shield. It doesn’t wash off and lasts for months, but is safe to use every time you wash your vehicle, which will be significantly less often. Each application fills in minor car washing swirls and adds more shine, depth, and durability than the finest carnauba waxes and paint sealants. Tech Shine resists dirt and pollution with its unique anti-stick formula. The outcome is a less frequent need to wash resulting in a faster, easier, longer-lasting, and more durable shine and surface protection.

Aircraft-Grade Tech Shine is safe and easy to use on all exterior non-porous surfaces:

Tech Shine Coats Glass easier and better then leading rain repellent products. A simple, less then 5 minute wet application during regular washes. Improves your day and night driving visibility in rainy weather by repelling rain, mud,sleet, and snow. Tech Shine makes water bead up and quickly fly off your windshield. Tech Shine repels rain for months for safer driving visibility.

Tech Shine Coats Glass easier and better then leading rain repellent products. A simple, less then 5 minute Wet applied Tech Shine is one of the safest and easiest ways to protect matte,vinyl, and Clear Plastic Film.

PLEASE NOTE:  Tech Shine is an optically clear coating that will allow existing surface imperfections to shine through.  If your finish needs reconditioning, first use Show Polish one-step surface renewer to remove any dullness, car washing swirls, oxidation, or water stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will applying Tech Shine remove the expensive wax I currently have on my finish?

A: No, Tech Shine will not remove your wax. It will enhance and protect whatever product you currently use. 

Q:    Is it necessary to use your applicator pad to apply Tech Shine?

A: No, a wet sponge, micro fiber mitt or wet towel will do. Our pad was designed to keep the surface wet and to spread Tech Shine evenly. 

Q: I always wax my black Dodge truck after washing it. I can’t seem to keep those fine lines and cobwebs from re-appearing.  Can Tech Shine help with my obsession?

A: Yes, that’s one of the reasons we say “No more Waxing” because in just minutes after regular washes Tech Shine fills in fine swirls and cobwebs.

Q: Does Tech Shine really work on my glass to?

A: Yes, Many of our customers claim Tech Shine stays on longer and repels water much better then the leading rain repelling products.

Q: I just bought a red 1996 Honda Accord and the paint is very dull. Will Tech Shine make the paint shiny again?

A: No, your red Honda paint is oxidized and needs to be hand or machined buffed and polished to restore the finish.  Tech Shine will maintain your restored finish better than the best car wax.

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