Show Polish Overview

The Ultimate One Step Surface Renewer and Protectant

The Ultimate One Step Surface Renewer and Protectant

Renewing and re-sealing classic to new car paint finishes has never been easier. After years of research we have perfected a durable wet-look show winning polish that is used by auto enthusiasts and professional detailers.

Show polish utilizes advanced aerospace microcrystalline activated polymers to safely clean, polish, and protect single stage paint, urethane clear coat, fiberglass, plastic, chrome and glass.

Cleans, Polishes and Protects your Car, Boat or Truck or SUV

Cleans, Polishes and Protects

Removes oxidation, water spots, paint scuffs, fine swirls, scratches, and environmental pollutants. Restores colors and surface slickness back to showroom quality.


An All-In-One Multi-Surface Polish

Removes paint oxidation, polishes chrome, and restores optical clarity to soft plastic convertible windows.

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