Mercedes E320



My ten-year-old Mercedes E320 lives in the driveway, exposed to the sun and city elements and has never looked better. It still gleams the same elegant dark blue. I attribute this to Tech Shine. Dirt does not stick to the car as easily which reduces my washings almost in half, though I still detail the car once a year. I also use it on my garaged black Mercedes SL 500 that is even older. Both cars look and feel showroom-new.

You have to try it yourself. You will not be able to resist sliding your finger across the car's finish. It just feels great. Oh, and the water just beads off the windshield in a rainstorm. Sometimes after a heavy rainstorm, the car looks as though someone just washed it for me, go figure. Excellent product. Great gift for your brother-in-law! No kidding, great stuff. Warning: It might be addicting.

Thank you for a marvelous product!

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