Nissan GT-R



"I was introduced to Tech Shine by the professionals that detailed my new Nissan GT-R. Saying that my car was shinny afterward would be an understatement. It had an amazing deep gloss and felt like silk when rubbed with the back of my hand. I took it to a car show where it was parked next to an identical new car and after doing the "back of the hand rub" on both cars, people kept saying "Oh wow, what a difference".

I felt, however that the test was maybe a bit too easy since my car was new. I decided to try it out on my dark blue 4 year old car. Applying Tech Shine is as easy as I was told. After washing and rinsing the car, I just spread a couple of ounces of it all over the car with a small sponge, rinsed one last time and towel dried. It leaves no streaking whatsoever. The end result is comparable to having done a complete hand wax job. I had not seen that car shine to that extend in a long time (who has time to wax their cars regularly?) It even seem to conceal the light swirl marks my paint had suffered.

But I think the aspect of the product that made me smile the most was when I had to drive the newly Tech Shine'd car in the rain, on a dirty freeway. Watching the water basically fly off my car was quite entertaining. It also made using the windshield wipers almost redundant as the rain just glazed off the glass. At the end of the 300 mile drive, the front and sides of the car were still shiny and clean looking. I am truly converted!"

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